Thursday, November 3, 2016

Emmalynn Grace

Well, two weeks has past now since miss Emmalynn has been born! Oh how time does fly by! I will give the short of her labor and delivery story.

We arrived at the hospital just after 6am and once we got settled in. Our doctor came in shortly after and was able to break my water at 7:10 since I was a 2-3cm. We let my body do its thing for a while and when I was checked again at 10:05, the rest of my water broke as not all of it was broke. At 11:05 we started  Pitocin. I was checked again right at noon and was still at 4. Contractions were still non T bad either so I just kept on waiting. Around 1 it started to get more intense. By 2:40 I was checked again and was at 5-6 so we gave the goahead the get the  anesthesiologist .. at 3:10 I sat up to get the epidural and that took about 10 minutes. When I payed down after getting it they checked me again and I was already complete! The  anesthesiologist then gave me a shot to make things work even quicker. We waited until 3:30 to start pushing  N hopes that the medicine would work. It took 3 contractions to get her out so at 3:36 Emmalynn Grace was born!

It has now been over two weeks and she has been a pretty good baby so far! I have a very long update on how nursing s going so I'll leave that for another post. Until the , here's our newest beauty!

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