Thursday, November 3, 2016

Emmalynn Grace

Well, two weeks has past now since miss Emmalynn has been born! Oh how time does fly by! I will give the short of her labor and delivery story.

We arrived at the hospital just after 6am and once we got settled in. Our doctor came in shortly after and was able to break my water at 7:10 since I was a 2-3cm. We let my body do its thing for a while and when I was checked again at 10:05, the rest of my water broke as not all of it was broke. At 11:05 we started  Pitocin. I was checked again right at noon and was still at 4. Contractions were still non T bad either so I just kept on waiting. Around 1 it started to get more intense. By 2:40 I was checked again and was at 5-6 so we gave the goahead the get the  anesthesiologist .. at 3:10 I sat up to get the epidural and that took about 10 minutes. When I payed down after getting it they checked me again and I was already complete! The  anesthesiologist then gave me a shot to make things work even quicker. We waited until 3:30 to start pushing  N hopes that the medicine would work. It took 3 contractions to get her out so at 3:36 Emmalynn Grace was born!

It has now been over two weeks and she has been a pretty good baby so far! I have a very long update on how nursing s going so I'll leave that for another post. Until the , here's our newest beauty!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

38 week check up!

Another side-by-side just for fun! I weigh just about the same but I have gained about 15 pounds less this time than with Lillian. I think this baby looks bigger than Lillian!

I had a Dr. appointment last week too but I didn't update you as there really wasn't much to say. I was measuring about the same as the week before at 36. This week I was at 38. 

Two weeks ago I was only a 'fingertip' dilated and she was still really high, this week, I was still only a fingertip dilated but she was 'right there'.

I am still hovering at 24 pound gain (from the VERY beginning), at the Dr. office, they have me at more like 18 or so. I would be trilled to end this at 25 but since my walking has slowed WAY down I wouldn't be surprised if I gain more than that. 

There really isn't much else to say. We are still trying to find out if we will be going into the hospital on the 16th or the 17th. We will know for sure next week at my LAST doctor's appointment. 

Other than that, we have been sick STILL in our house! We are so tired of being sick and having sickness around!!! Will has missed school the last 2 days and depending on if he wakes up with a fever you could mark that as 3 days!!!! Since I had a doctor's appointment today anyway, I asked if I could take him in too. He is congested again (had a cold about a month ago for a few days) and his sinus is very swollen so we are treating for a sinus infection. Hopefully this will kick that out and he will be much better. I'm still at the end of a marathon long cold. Truly, 4 weeks and I'm still draining and sneezing and coughing... 

Here's to hoping that Lillian, Dennis and I don't get whatever fever bug Will may have!!! (He doesn't say his face hurts like mine has when I have had sinus infections so not sure if it truly is or not.)

Until next time!! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

36 week update!

Monday was my 36 week mark so I am now at 36 1/2! Yes, every half week counts at this stage! 
On Monday at my appointment, they had me up 18 pounds, I myself have that I am up 24 pounds. This was also the great Group B strep test and so while she was down there, she checked me too. I don't have my results back yet from the GBS test. Baby is still super high but I was a 'finger-tip' dilated. You never want a baby to come too early but you want to know progress is being made, so that was reassuring. 

Will gave me a cold from HELL! So not breathing well and then I was on nights so I didn't sleep well either made me quite miserable. He on the other hand took just two days of not feeling the greatest and back to his normal self. Of coarse I'd rather it be me who is sick than my kids but it was rough this week. My Dr. said that if not feeling well by Thursday to call and get on an antibiotic. So I now have some extra help in getting better. I also have some Mucinex D that she said I could take for just a few days. That helps so much more than the original Mucinex. 

I have been so sick this pregnancy. This is the third major cold I've had. Better be the last too! 

Just for kicks, this is the picture in blue of Lillian at 36 weeks and then me at 36 weeks with this one. I have gained far less but about the same size really. I always find it fun to compare pictures. I will be going to my Dr. weekly now until she arrives. I may update after 37 week appointment  but if not, talk to you in a week and a half at 38! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

40 days left!!! (34 weeks)

Yesterday at 34 weeks plus 1 day I had a normal check up. Baby is measuring right on track still. My doctor thinks she is head down, but I'll get checked at my next doctors appointment in two weeks to make sure. I have that I am up 23 pounds, I think she has that I am up 18 but I'm going by what I have. 

Walking is getting harder and harder as if I walk at my normal pace then I feel like I'm going to pee every step and my hour long walks are getting shorter too. It's more like 30-45 minutes now and slow, but I'm still moving and walking at least 5, if not 6 times a week. 

We talked briefly about an induction date and she said we could pencil in the 17th. I may ask her what she thinks about the 10th as I'll only be a week early. I'm going to guess that's a no as the 17th is from the ultrasound but by cycle dating, the 21st would be my due date. Even if she would allow us, I'm not sure we would take her up on it, I just want options. With Dennis still chopping in October some years, the later in the month the better for all the birthdays and everything! 

School is going well with the older two! We got Lillian's Halloween costume and oh my she is in love! We have to wait a little longer on Will's as we got it from Zulily. Love that place but always takes a while to get in. 

When baby arrives, I wanted to give the kids each something they would be able to keep from baby. Lillian is easy, necklace. I knew this so shopping was a breeze but Will?! That took me a while to find something perfect for him! Finally a wallet popped into my mind! So he is getting an engraved wallet. 

That's about all that I know for now! Until next time! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

School started!

First day of 1st grade for Will was last Thursday. He says he really likes his teacher because she gives him tootsie rolls. That's my boy! Besides the candy giving, he still likes her. I'm very excited for him as teachers can make or break your love for learning. Having a teacher you enjoy is truly important and I'm so glad he has her! 

Lillian's first day was on Monday for Kinderprep. She has the same teacher as last year and loves her! She will be going to school Monday-Thursday from 8-11. Her daycare then picks her up and take her there until I can get her. 

The kids and I did a few fall crafts a few weeks ago! Will and I made these pumpkins out of jar rings. He was pretty proud of his! This takes a lot more rings than I was anticipating though. So my pumpkin is just a half pumpkin. It's okay though, I put it above the cabinets in the kitchen and it works.

Lillian made this cute FALL decoration!!! She painted the letters and the rod, and I glued them on. Not that I don't trust her with super glue or anything.... I thought it turned out pretty cute!

 Last week some time, we took Will out shooting for the first time! He LOVED it! He looks so tiny in this picture next to my dad! Funny how they look so grown sometimes and other times you look at them and they are still your little babies.

Speaking of babies, I am now 32 weeks! I am up about 21 pounds and at my last doctors appointment,  I was measuring right on! All we are really needing to do for baby yet is put her crib together and wash clothes. We will pretty much be ready after that I think! I'll just need to pack for the hospital for us. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

30 weeks!!!

Today, now past midnight, marks week 30! I only have 10 weeks left before we get to see our bundle of joy! She should be right around three pounds now and about 17" long. She should gain about 1/2 a pound a week from here on out. Movement seems to go in waves of several days of very small movements and not noticing her much to then days of huge OUCH movements. I like the painful ones really, they make me know she's okay and growing well. So far, I have been holding steady at 20 lb weight gain. I'm very proud of this really. By Fridays time with Lillian I had gained 27, so I'm on the track to gain less than 40, (If I keep this up that is)...

Sickness is going around our house like crazy! Will had strep a week before last. At least that is what he was being treated for. He had a high fever of about 103+ if it was un-medicated and sore throat and headache. You'd never guess that he was sick either. One morning, he had a temp of 103.8, I have him ibuprofen and about 20 minutes later, he wanted to ride his bike outside!  That lasted a week and he was on meds after about 2 days of his complaints. We then went a few days of nothing, until Lillian started with a headache and a temp. Her's also lasted a while but we got a prescription for her over the phone. After a few days of Will's high temp, I called to see if they would give me a prescription to have on hand JUST IN CASE! I was grateful because Wednesday last week I had a headache that wouldn't go away. I didn't think much of it until I woke up the next morning and my throat just didn't feel right. I started the antibiotic on Thursday morning and it's not Monday morning and I still have a bit of a sore throat. I have managed to not have a fever at all though and that's good because that's never good when pregnant. I'm very glad that it's almost all over but I did enjoy the snuggles, even if it did get me sick!

I just love how she fit perfect all around her sister! 

Work has been crazy! I just ended a 68 hour work week. Week before was around 55 and next week is close to 50 but things will start to go back to normal after that. I am grateful for the extra hours as I am finally debt free, something I have worked very hard for and so I want to save as much money as possible for Christmas (not that I'll spend it, just want the reassurance that its there). After Christmas we will have two kids in daycare and that will be a HUGE expense every month until May.

Chopping season is in full swing. Full swing as in, I'm working nights so we need a baby sitter at night until midnight or so! I hate that but again grateful that we have a wonderful baby sitter that can do that for us. She's been great at working with us and our crazy hours. All summer she was able to take them to the pool or library if she wanted. She picked Will up from summer school and everything. She is a senior this year so what we'll do next year when she's in collage, I'm not quite sure. I hope our other sitter who is a Jr can take her place for that!!

Will will be riding with Dad in the chopper every day that I work until school starts. He has been quite the trooper and really isn't a fan of the rain because they can't chop then! He's a boy who belongs in the field that's for sure. I mean, look at this face!

Monday, July 25, 2016

28 weeks baby #3

Today I had my 28 week check up! I am so glad this second part of this pregnancy seems to be moving along quicker than the first. Of all the things I'm pretty proud of right now is my weight gain. I am still at around 18.5lbs for weight gain. Seems like a lot I know but with Lillian I was up 27lbs at 30 weeks. So as long as I don't gain 9 pounds this next month, I should be good. As long as I walk 4-5 times a week then my weight seems to be maintaining or a small gain and I'm okay with that. As far as my belly measurement, I was measuring right at 28 weeks this time!

I had to have two shots today too. The whooping cough is a shot that is recommended for every pregnancy now and that is one that I think is so very important. I'm glad I can get it while pregnant and give this baby some of that while she is still in there and safe from these illnesses. I also had to get my Rhogam shot. Last week I had my gestational diabetes test and in my hospital they usually give you the Rhogam shot if you need it when you take this test. I took the test at a different hospital because it was closer and just made since. So they must do things differently here as I never got the shot. I had to ask at my appointment when I was going to get it and they figured I already had it. So trip to the hospital to get it I went.

Other than those updates on baby, there's not much else with her, I do wish she would be more active but she's active enough that I don't worry about it. It would just be nice to feel more movement.

Will has strep throat! Friday night he said his head hurt really bad so we gave him some tylanal and sent him to bed. About 3:00 he woke up crying again saying his head hurt. He had a pretty high fever of about 103. All weekend long he has been fighting this fever and complaining of his head hurting with a little sore throat.

He doesn't look good in this picture but truly, he is acting about normal even with the fever! Hopefully the meds we have him on will kick in fast and he will be his normal self!!!

Just a goof taking a picture with Roxy! 

And while Will wants to snuggle, she got the kindle for a bit. Apparently she thought she would float away while watching?!